2.12.2015 / North Leeds Charity Beer Festival


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Meanwood Festival


scary teeth & biting blues ...

Yesterday I had a really nice time meeting the “Sharks” at a small, but full of good vibes live gig in Leeds.  At the Meanwood Festival to be more specific.

They call themselves The Bluesharks.

At the beginning I did not see any scary teeth, but when they started to play some good songs from The Doors, Muddy Waters and hit the audience with their own creations as well, you could feel the bites going right through the skin and into the soul and mind. Luckily there on the scene was this Lady Doctor (Laura Morris - the lead singer) who aided the wounded with her voice and lyrics.

It was the first experience of this sort since I moved here to Leeds and will definitely not be the last!

Love these predators!

Adrian Neamtu, 30th May 2017